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Mangrove Housing is engaged in a range of targeted projects aimed at assisting some of the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our communities. 


           making a difference one home at a time

Did you know that women over 55 years of age are the fastest growing homeless population in Australia today?

some alarming statistics

  • 1 in 7 people experiencing homelessness in Australia are over 55 years old.

  • 64% of older people living on the street are at risk of death within five years.

  • Over 40,000 women over the age of 65 are “doing it tough” and are at risk of becoming homeless. This figure is predicted to double by 2036.

  • Vulnerable older women are more  likely to be staying with friends, living in a car, living under the threat of violence in their home and/or physically ‘hiding’.


why women over 55 

  • women over 55 are likely to have 40% less superannuation than their male counterparts

  • women over 55 have lived through an era of restricted workforce participation and a significant gender pay gap

  • housing affordability is a national issue

  • widowed

  • divorced

  • escaping domestic violence

  • mental heath

  • elder abuse


project details

Mangrove Housing wants to acquire an acquire a series of small unit complexes in  advantageous geographical areas, for the purpose of the provision of affordable housing to homeless women over the age of 55. 


Rent will be charged at a significantly reduced rate (affordable) and ensure that older women can “age, securely in place”.   


Other benefits will include:

  • Secure, safe, quality permanent housing solutions for the fastest growing homelessness group

  • Improved mental and physical health & well-being for older women

  • Active engagement in/with the wider community (e.g volunteering, peer support)

  • Improved / maintenance of independent living

  • Improved confidence and self esteem