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car parks

Where possible, Mangrove Housing complexes provide covered car parking spaces.  Unfortunately only limited car parking is available. In an effort to maintain harmony and co-operation within complexes, please be aware of the following car parking requirements, :


  • The parking spaces are not numbered, and cannot be reserved by a tenant.  They are utilised on a “first come, first served” basis.

  • As parking spaces are limited, these are for use by tenants only, not visitors.  Please ask visitors and guests to park outside the complex.

  • Car parking is only permitted in designated areas.

  • Please do not block any entry or exit ways with your car.

  • We request that all tenants remain mindful of tenants who have reduced mobility (using wheelchairs or walking frames for example) as they may require parking close to their unit.  Please work co-operatively with your neighbours to determine who may have the greatest need for a carpark.

  • Unregistered or unroadworthy vehicles must not be parked in the complex as these vehicles take up spaces needed for other tenants.

  • Vehicles that drip oil must have a tray placed underneath them while they are parked in the complex to prevent oil stains.

  • The tray must be removed when the vehicle is moved from the car park. If a drip tray is not used, the tenant will be charged to clean the stained parking space.



We ask all tenants to ensure their visitors park outside the complex.


The only exceptions to this regulation are for carer’s vehicles when dropping tenants home.


Please ensure your visitors are aware of parking restrictions and requirements before they visit the complex.

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