resolving issues

our expectations of tenant behaviours

  • encourage and support good neighbour behaviour

  • show respect and consideration for your neighbours

  • do not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of your neighbours

  • ensure that your behaviour does not have a negative impact on your neighbours

  • be responsible for your visitors

  • do not use your property for illegal


  • do not maliciously damage, or

       allow someone else to maliciously

       damage property

  • keep your property clean


Mangrove Housing prides itself on being a responsive and proactive housing provider. We will ensure that any issues raised are dealt with fairly, promptly and in a transparent manner.

issues outside the scope of mangrove housing


Barking dogs

Any concerns about barking dogs need to be raised with local authorities. We are happy to provide you with contact details for your local authority.


Outside of our complexes

Mangrove Housing is a landlord and works within the Residential Tenancies Authority. We have no jurisdiction for incidents that occur outside of our complexes.


Crying babies

All babies cry and it is not considered a noise nuisance. Mangrove Housing encourages all tenants to help to create a supportive and empathetic community.


Water drips from balconies

Mangrove Housing requests that all tenants be considerate of their neighbours when watering plants on a balcony and try to avoid any spillages.


Cooking smells

Mangrove Housing offers support to a wide range of tenants from multiple cultural backgrounds. Mangrove Housing encourages tenants to be supportive and inclusive of a range of cultural differences including wonderful cooking smells.


Car parking

All our car parks have been provided for tenants' use only and are managed on a first come first served basis.

resolution steps


where possible, discuss your concern with your neighbour

satisfactory outcome reached

discuss your concerns with your Client Housing Worker who will guide you through a range of issue resolution options

assistance your client housing worker can offer includes:

meet & discuss your concerns

Our staff are happy to come and visit you in your home to discuss any tenancy or property related issues that you are experiencing.



You have the right to live in a peaceful neighbourhood and disputes or disagreements between neighbours need to be resolved as quickly as possible. If talking with your neighbour hasn’t worked or communication has deteriorated, mediation could help. We are able to refer you to a free independent mediation service and/or provide you with the contact details of a range of mediation service providers.


support services

Sometimes we all need a little support. Our staff have a wealth of experience and knowledge in accessing support services to suit individual needs.


maintenance requests

Our staff are happy to follow-up maintenance requests on your behalf.



In some instances Mangrove Housing may need to issue a notice that requires a tenant to rectify issues and/or activities that have been identified and are in breach of their Tenancy Agreement.