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Mangrove Housing understands that pets are an important part of our lives.  They provide companionship, emotional support, reduce our stress levels and increase our sense of well being. 


We will not unreasonably refuse you getting a pet however we must:

  • consider the suitability of your property with your proposed pet; and

  • gain the permission of the property owner (some properties have a private owner and in these instances, it is the owner’s sole decision whether to allow a pet).

pets that do not require prior approval 

The only pets you can keep without firstly seeking permission are small aquarium fish or two small birds in a cage.

pets that require approval 

If you would like to get a pet please talk to your Client Housing Worker or simply complete the online pet application form.   You must wait for your Client Housing Worker’s response before bringing a pet home.  We will take into account the size and type of pet you are seeking permission for.  

pet agreement 

If a pet is approved, you will need to sign a pet agreement.  When you sign a pet agreement this becomes part of your lease. If you do not follow the terms on the pet agreement you may be in breach of your tenancy agreement. If you are unsure about what this means, please speak with your Client Housing Worker.

pet guidelines 

  • Tenants are responsible for the behaviour of their pet (or pets belonging to any household members) and must take all reasonable steps to prevent the pet/s being a nuisance to neighbours, including minimising noise and odours.

  • When a pet has been kept in a property, the tenant must get the property professionally treated for fleas, and the carpets cleaned and deodorised upon vacating.  Any damage caused by the pet also needs to be repaired.

  • An outside pet should be secured in a fenced yard at all times and not allowed outside off-leash where it could cause a nuisance to neighbours and members of the public.  If it is a condition of the tenancy that the pet is kept outside, the tenant must adhere to this.

  • All pets kept in Mangrove Housing properties must be micro-chipped, de-sexed and registered appropriately with local councils.




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