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housing programs

community housing options

Community housing is designed to support those with little or no income.  Community housing provides low cost, income-based rental accommodation for tenants in high need who are listed on the Housing Register.  Accommodation is a mix of houses, duplexes and unit blocks. 

While some of these properties are rented from the private rental market by Mangrove Housing and then sub-let to eligible tenants, other properties are managed by Mangrove Housing on behalf of the Department of Housing and Public Works.

To be eligible for Community Housing, you must firstly register for assistance with the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works.  

Click here to find out more about applying for housing assistance

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community rental scheme (CRS)

The CRS Program is State Government initiative designed to provide housing options that act as a transition to longer term housing/secure housing.   


Mangrove Housing leases both private rental and Departmental-owned properties to provide to eligible tenants.  Tenants are referred to Mangrove Housing from the Department as vacancies arise in our properties.

We manage over 100 properties under the CRS Program including units, houses and duplexes.  Rent is set at a proportion of household income.

Long Term Community Housing (LTCH)

The LTCH Program is a State Government initiative designed to provide housing that is affordable and appropriate for eligible people. 


Mangrove Housing manages over 150 properties under the LTCH Program including units, houses and duplexes.  Rent is set at a proportion of household income.

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Community Managed Studio Units (CMSU)

The CMSU Program is State Government initiative designed to provide furnished housing that is affordable and appropriate for eligible people . 


Mangrove Housing manages over 65 units under the CMSU Program.  The program provides longer term and transitional housing options where rent is set at a proportion of household income.

Help to Home 

Mangrove Housing was the first headlease under 'Help to Home' initiative.


This initiative facilitates partnerships with property owners and the community housing sector to deliver more housing choices for vulnerable Queenslanders.

Mangrove housing manages an 18 home townhouse complex through this program which will provide housing options for more Queensland families in need.


Mangrove Specialist Housing

Mangrove Specialist Housing is the provider of supported temporary accommodation for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.  This service includes on-site support, whilst working with clients to identify and achieve appropriate and sustainable housing outcomes.

The temporary supported accommodation facility in Redlands includes 26 studio suites which have been designed to ensure the comfort and well-being of our clients.  Click here to find out more.

Affordable Housing (AH)


The AH Program is State Government initiative designed to provide housing that is affordable and appropriate for eligible people.


Mangrove Housing manages over 150 properties under this program.  


national rental affordability scheme (nras)

NRAS commenced in 2008 and aims to increase the supply of new and affordable rental dwellings by providing an annual financial incentive for up to ten years. NRAS is an Australian Government affordable housing initiative, delivered in partnership with state and territory governments. Governments, the business sector and community organisations have recognised that housing affordability is an issue of significant community concern. The growing cost of housing is having an impact on the ability of many Australians to meet their financial commitments.

click here to find out more about the NRAS program including eligibility

click here to check your eligibility

There are a number of steps to be completed before you can rent a property through the National Rental Affordability Scheme :

STEP 1:   Check your eligibility for NRAS 

                   This is to apply for the Scheme and obtain your NRAS

                   approval number if you are eligible. 


STEP 2:    If you are eligible for NRAS, the Queensland Department

                   of Housing and Public Works will issue you with an NRAS

                   approval number.  Your NRAS approval number must be

                   provided with all NRAS tenancy applications.


Once you are eligible for the NRAS Scheme, you are eligible for

any property under the scheme. HOWEVER the required average

weekly income will vary depending on the suburb each property

is in and the rental value of that area.  When applying for an

NRAS property, please consider how affordable the rent is,

because applicants will be ineligible for properties if the rent

exceeds 30% of the combined gross household income.

Before submitting an application, it is highly recommended that you check the affordability of the property you are applying for to avoid disappointment. 

Applying for a property once you have received your NRAS ID Number


If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for a place to rent under the scheme. You can find properties currently available from Mangrove Housing by visiting National Rental Affordability Scheme Properties for Rent on

Once you have chosen a property you would like to apply for:

  • Please complete and submit a Mangrove NRAS Tenancy Application

  • To be considered for a property it is important that you provide all information requested on the application form 

  • A Mangrove Housing staff member will contact you to discuss your application if needed

Once your application has been processed, there are three options:

  1. If a suitable property is available, your application will be presented for consideration to the property owner.

  2. If there are no suitable properties available, your application will be held for three (3) months.  If you see another property that we manage during this time you are able to contact us to use your application for that property.  After 3 months you will be required to submit another application.

  3. If we receive your application but not all the required paperwork we will attempt to contact you to complete your application.  If we have not received the required documentation after 7 days your application is shredded.


Please be advised that Mangrove Housing does not hold open homes to view NRAS properties. This is to save disappointment, as not all interested applicants will be eligible for the property.

If you would like to apply for an available property, you will find photos and a description on our website.  Each household member over 18 needs to complete an application form, provide 100 points of identification and provide proof of income. 


Our NRAS team will process applications as quickly as possible, complete financial checks and also obtain rental references.  Applications are then submitted to the owner of each individual property.  From here we await correspondence from the owner.

Please note that drive-bys of a property are allowed however applicants are not permitted to enter a property.

NRAS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m currently living with family OR I have never lived outside of home. What do I need to provide?

A:  You need to submit a private rental reference from the family you are living with.  This needs to be written by the person you rent from (even if this is your parents) and state:  

  • Your name

  • the address of the property

  • how long you have resided at the property

  • how you have maintained the property; and

  • how much rent you pay (or any alternate arrangements such as board).  

This reference can be emailed to us or attached to your application.  Your family member’s contact details must be included to confirm the rental reference.


Q: I am self-employed and cannot provide payslips or an income statement

A:  You will be required to submit your BAS Statement and Annual Tax Return as proof of your income.


Q: I don’t have enough ID, what should I do now?

A:  Provide as much ID as possible.  Please remember that a passport, birth certificate and drivers’ licence are each worth 40 points.  If you have more than one of these, that is already 80 points.  If you still do not have enough ID please contact a Mangrove Housing staff member who will discuss options with you.


Q: I have only started work within the past month, what do I need to provide?

A:  You will need to prove any payslips that you have received from your employer as well as a Centrelink Income Statement (if applicable) for the past month.


Q: I don’t have an NRAS number can I still apply for the property?

A:  No.  You are required to have a valid NRAS number prior to applying for any NRAS property.


Q: When will I find out whether I am the successful applicant for the property?

A:  NRAS applications are bulk processed and then submitted to the property owner, so we are therefore unable to give a definitive timeframe as to when you will be contacted.  Usually owners will respond as quickly as possible.  As a general timeframe we get in contact with applicants close to the available date of the property.


Q: Can I view the property?  When is your open home?

A:  We do not hold open homes.  Interested applicants are required to apply for the property firstly and then if you are conditionally approved by the property owner, a viewing is arranged at that time.

Q: Can I choose where I want to live?

A:  Yes, you can.  Although Mangrove Housing may not have a property in the area of your choice at the time of your enquiry, we may have properties becoming available in the future. 

Q: What if Mangrove Housing doesn’t have an NRAS property in my area of choice?

A:  A list of properties under the NRAS Scheme can be found at National Rental Affordability Scheme Properties for Rent 

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